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The purpose of this blog is to discuss current events covering a myriad of topics. I have always been a person who is interested in other people’s perspectives. In Numbers 22 of the Bible and referenced in 2 Peter, God caused a donkey to speak to a stubborn prophet. The King James version of the bible actually reads…”the dumb a– speaking in a man’s voice”… Because of that, I’ve come to the conclusion that God can use anyone or anything to speak a word to us. Therefore, I'm open to listen to anyone, although I may not believe all that is said.


In case you haven't heard, Dr. Benjamin Carson, world renowned Neurosurgeon, spoke at the Fellowship Foundation National Prayer Breakfast. In his arousing speech, he offered opinions about political correctness, the national debt, education and healthcare. Dr. Carson's comments were not designed to offend anyone as he simply spoke from his heart about instruction received and lessons learned from his mom who was a single parent. His mom made him and his brother read books and limited the amount of time spent watching tv; she worked several jobs so she wouldn't have to receive government assistance; she observed that most of those who received government assistance never got out of the system. She didn't allow any excuses to be made for performing less than the established standard she set for her children.

Why do I believe Dr. Carson got it right in this speech? It appears to me that his success is based on the fact he was made accountable for the outcome of his life; if he failed, he had no one to blame but himself. I relate to his story because my Dad's famous words were: "If you make your bed hard, you lay in your hard bed". There's a story told about an old man sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch of his woodframed home situated in the countryside. Next to him, laying on the porch was his old hound dog named "Blue". A stranger, who was going to visit his cousin in the country, got lost and happened upon this scene. As he approaches the old man and his hound, he notices the dog is whining and moaning. The stranger ask, "Mister, what's wrong with your dog? It sounds like you need to get him to the vet!". The oldtimer replies, "Ah ain't nothing wrong with old "Blue"; just lying on a nail. The stranger asked, "Then why don't you move him?" The oldtimer replied, " He'll move himself when he gets in enough pain."

I'm a huge proponent of giving people a "hand up" as I have had many people give me a "hand up" allowing me to be successful in life. The assistance was given to me for the purpose of elevating my life; it was and remains my responsibility to make the most of the opportunity presented.

What were the valuable lessons you learned as a child that have helped you become a successful adult?

To see Dr. Carson's speech click on the link below.


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The Christmas season is over and the New Year is underway. The boys start school again on Tuesday and I'm reflecting now on two things that happened in this wonderful season. Two stories will be forever etched in my mind and I want to share one with you in this blog. The first story involves our youngest son, Caleb. Two weeks before Christmas while we were having our evening devotional, Caleb asked me if we were going to have snow on Christmas Day. I told him I didn't know because historically there is a highly improbability of snow occuring on Christmas Day. His reply, "We just need to move to a place where it snows on Christmas Day." Since we were about to pray, I said to Caleb, "Why don't you ask God for snow on Christmas Day; He hears your prayers." Caleb's reply, "I'm not going to pray for snow, I'm going to pray for rain." "Why rain?", I asked. Caleb responded with convincing and sound logic, "If I ask the Lord for rain, then maybe it will get cold enough and begin to sleet; if it sleets, then it might turn to snow." Then, he prayed for rain. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area you know that a cold front developed in the Pacific Northwest the weekend before Christmas. On Christmas Day, I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window into our backyard when it began to rain. Shortly after that I heard the small tapping sound of sleet and about thirty minutes later, the snow began to fall. Excitedly, I called Caleb to come to the window while proclaiming over and over, "Caleb, the Lord answered your prayer!" As he came down the stairs he said, non-chalantly, "I know." As we stood next to the cold window with the sound of the crackling fire place in the background staring into our back yard, the satisfied look on Caleb's face was priceless. Perhaps there is something that you need to happen in your life and it seems highly unlikely or improbable to happen. I encourage you to approach our Heavenly Father with a childlike faith and make your request known to Him. 1st Peter 5:7 says, "Cast your care on the Lord because He cares for you. The Lord truly loves you and delights to show Himself strong on your behalf. If this story encourages you, please feel free to share it. Stay tuned for the next blog when I talk about "The Stalker"...

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Our society goes to great links to avoid the number 13. We don't have the number 13 on elevators and we face Friday the 13th with intrepidation. From where do these types of superstitions derive and why do they get passed from one generation to another. I'd like to give you a different perspective regarding the number 13. In asking a Rabbi friend of mine about the number 13, he gave very thought provoking insight. In the Hebrew language, a numerical value is assigned to each letter. One Hebrew word whose numerical value is 13 is "echad"; "echad" means unity. WOW! All these years we have avoided the very thing that could solve the challenges we face in life - UNITY. When a survey of the world's relational challenges are taken, disharmony or lack of unity are the basis of conflict. This is 2013 and I'm challenging myself and all who read this post to pursue "Unity" this year. Pursue unity in your relationships - marriage, children, employer, employees, co-workers and community. Unity is the most powerful force in all the earth. In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 18, if two would come into agreement on earth about anything they would ask, it would be done. Where there is agreement, there is power and peace. It is also interesting to note that another Hebrew word "ahava" has a numerical value of 13. The word "ahava" translated is the word "love". There can be no true unity where there is no love and no true love where there is not unity. These concepts working together and embraced by us in this New Year can impact us in such away that it will be our best year ever. The number "13" is not bad after all.

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As I read the account of the tragic news coming out of Newtown, CT, I could only weep. What were the children feeling as they faced the gunman? What must the parents be feeling this morning waking up with the sound of a little voice silenced forever from their home. This senseless situation hurts at so many levels and as a nation we grieve with Newtown, CT and the families directly impacted by this heinous crime. This is my prayer:

Heavenly Father, it is in this moment that we turn to you. Our hearts are broken and our minds are confused. Our emotions and thoughts overwhelm us. At times we ask why this? Why now? What could have been done differently to prevent this from happening? We hear the sound of crying children and our heart aches. We see the grief-stricken faces of parents grasping for answers and rehearsing in their minds over and over the sights and sounds of the events of the day. We weep. Father, today, allow your Holy Spirit to surround these families and just hold them. Draw them close into the warm embrace of your Presence. Take your tender hands and caress their brow and wipe the tears that gently roll down their faces. Lord, massage their aching soul and bring comfort. You are the great Shepherd and these are your people; lead and guide them as they traverse this treacherous and burdening path. Father, release your words of comfort and in this moment do not be silent; let these families and this community see your glory and grace revealed. LORD HELP! May your merciful kindness comfort all who have been touched by this. May Your words bring peace in the midst of trouble and hope in the midst of despair. As grief has overwhelmed their soul may your power and presence sustained them in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Amen.

Let us all continue to pray and believe that eventually some good comes out of this horrific situation. God Bless.

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