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The purpose of this blog is to discuss current events covering a myriad of topics. I have always been a person who is interested in other people’s perspectives. In Numbers 22 of the Bible and referenced in 2 Peter, God caused a donkey to speak to a stubborn prophet. The King James version of the bible actually reads…”the dumb a– speaking in a man’s voice”… Because of that, I’ve come to the conclusion that God can use anyone or anything to speak a word to us. Therefore, I'm open to listen to anyone, although I may not believe all that is said.

I'm not sure whether or not there is a "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" but the topic makes for interesting conversation in our family. This summer, we were driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff for the dedication services for our new church. The boys eyes were intently focused on the game they were playing with their ipods. As Cyd and I marveled at the beauty of the landscape with flowering cactus, deep canyons, rolling hills and majestic mountains in the distance, it dawned on me the boys were missing the wonders of God's great creation. When I said to Seth and Caleb, "Turn off those games and take note of this beautiful scenery; you won't remember anything about the drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff and that would be a travesty!" They replied with groans as if their stomachs were tied up in knots. I then concluded, "Besides that "Bigfoot" might run across the road!" Why did I say that? Then came the flurry of comments- Seth: "Dad I can't believe you believe in Bigfoot. He is not real. In fact our fifth grade class came to the conclusion that he's not real. There are some people who have been looking for him for 5 years and they can't find him. BIGFOOT IS NOT REAL!" I cajoled Seth by saying, "You know how much unchartered territory there is in the U.S. When we have flown to Seattle, we have traveled by plane for hours over nothing but forest. You don't know what's out there." With a long, exhausting sigh, Seth said, "See Dad, that just how things get started; One minute you believe in Bigfoot the next thing you know, you start believing in Aliens! I could only laugh at the logic and I realized I was now sliding down the slippery slope.
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I'm grateful for the goodness of God in my life and for the little moments that make me laugh. Our son Caleb is a lego maestro and quite a deep thinker. We have taught our boys to ask good questions in their quest for understanding and knowlege. We have also taught them to be persistent. Well, Caleb is always persistent about purchasing a Lego set. So here's our conversation on yesterday. "Dad can you buy me a lego set?" I replied, "No...you don't have any money." He replied, "Yes I do; remember I still have gift cards and some money from my birthday party because Mom didn't let me spend everything at one time." I replied, "But you don't have any money on you." Caleb retorted, "You can buy it and I'll pay you back." "I don't give credit and besides that if I buy you a lego you might forget how much it was and how much you would owe me", I replied. Caleb responded, "We can write it down on a piece of paper, that way we won't forget, Dad." Then I said, "But what if you leave the paper lying around and we think it's trash and we throw it away; then, I'm out of money and you won't remember how much you owe me." I could only laugh out loud at the final comment he made that ended the discussion..."Dad, that won't happen because I always put my important papers in my little box at home."
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I was privileged to participate in a "commitment" ceremony hosted by my oldest son's(Seth) football coach. The sixth and seven grade football players were asked to write a personal commitment statement for four categories: 1) God 2)Family 3) Church 4) Team. Each player, with their Father standing beside them, read out loud in front of their teammates their commitment statements. I beamed as Seth carefully read his statements before this private audience. After he concluded, it was my turn to affirm him before his coach, his teammates and their fathers. I shared with the team, how much he really loves the Lord and how conscientous he is about being truthful and helpful. He is also super funny. It was a moving evening to watch these young men's faces lit up as their Dad expressed appreciation and love for their sons. When the ceremony was over and we were driving home, I asked Seth, "So what did you think about tonight?" He replied, "It was awesome Dad!" Then I queried, "So, how did you feel about the things I said about you publicly?" Seth said, "I wanted to cry." Rubbing the curly brown hair on his head, I replied, "I'm honored that God gave you to me as a precious gift." I was appreciative for what we had just experienced - father to son. At that moment, I realized that I was priviledged to do what my own father had not been able to do. You see my Dad, a common laborer, worked three jobs to provide for us. He always told us, that I'm working as hard as I do, so that when you become a man with a family, you can have a better life than I have. I looked at Seth and said, "Seth, tonight was possible because Poppa made sacrifices." It's true, if we are going to have a great life, create life defining moments, leave a wonderful legacy for our children and grandchildren, someone at sometime is going to have to make a sacrifice. NOTHING GREAT HAPPENS WITHOUT SACRIFICE...
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Everything you desire to be in God is possible because His Holy Presence lives inside of you. If you want to be more compassionate toward your spouse, children or others you don't have to manufacture compassion. The Holy Spirit is compassionate; simply yield to Him and He will express His compassion through you. Do you want to love more? The Holy Spirit in you can love through you. Our heavenly Father wants to give you provision everyday, however, provision can't be given if you don't come to receive it. He has a fresh dose of inspiration for you everyday if you entertain His presence. You don't need to manufacture it, He knows what you need. Through Him you are victorious in everyway.
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