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At some point in our lives, most of us will experience a loss so devastating that it knocks the wind out of our souls and leaves us gasping for hope. In My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point, Ricky Texada shares his own story of unexpected loss transformed into unimaginable blessing, offering a new perspective on God’s amazing ability to restore his people. After losing his wife Debra in a devastating car accident, Ricky wondered if he would ever be able to trust God with the certainty he once had, let alone ever love again. Biblically based and borne out of Texada’s own experiences, My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point shares the much needed hope and practical guidance to help people get back on their feet and experience the healing balm of God’s loving care.

What Others Are Saying:

"This book will inspire you to believe that God can and will work all things out for those who love him. It is filled with hope and a promise of restoration for any situation. Let My Breaking Point, God's Turning Point, began to heal your hearts and brighten your expectations for the future."
- Donald Driver
Author of The New York Times Bestseller, Driven
Super Bowl Champion of the Green Bay Packers
Season 14 Dancing With the Stars Champion

"Richard Exley once said, “I want to read books that sing.” He would love this book; it sings almost every kind of genre and then some. I’ve known Pastors Ricky and Cyd Texada for two decades, only to discover in reading his story – I didn’t know him at all! There are songs in this book for weeping and songs for rejoicing. You’ll do both as I did."
- Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr.
Presiding Bishop, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh

"There are some people who write books because they have something to say. Then there are people like Ricky Texada who write books because their life is a transformational example that others can benefit from. Within the pages of this book are more than just principles you can live by, but these words will TRANSFORM your life. Ricky is the real deal that will help you deal with your real, so that whatever you Go through, if you will Grow through it, you will create a BREAKTHROUGH!"
- Keith Craft
Senior Pastor of Elevate Life Church

"Some can inspire, some possess eloquence, and some can write compellingly but only a rare few are blessed with all three. My dear friend Pastor Ricky Texada is such a man and this searingly honest book will transform and uplift every reader. With his wife, Cyd, a vital part of this valuable volume, Pastor Ricky provides powerful inspiration and compelling guidance. We all need it in our libraries."
- Rabbi Daniel Lapin
American Alliance of Jews and Christians

"From the moment I opened this book I experienced the liberating presence of God as I laughed, cried and worshiped. No doubt many comforting answers will slip from heaven and accompany the reader in the painful and beautiful saga of Ricky Texada’s journey – Oh, for grace to trust Him more."
- Brett Jones
Pastor of Grace Church of Humble

"The redemptive story of Ricky and Cyd Texada has challenged me to realize how God is sovereignly in charge of even the disappointments of life. God has done a miracle and thrust the Texadas into fruitful pastoring after devastating disappointment. If God can bring together such a "dynamic duo" from the brink of devastation, what can He do for you to turn your "mourning into joy?" Read this book and let God open a new window of opportunity in your heart: "the best is yet to come!""
- Larry Stockstill
Pastor Emeritus, Bethany church, Baton Rouge, La.
Director, Surge Project

"MY BREAKING POINT, GOD’S TURNING POINT is a brilliant and insightful look into the ability to triumph over tragedy. It's a must read for all. Ricky has a wonderful writing style that welcomes his readers into the family. This book will strengthen you, encourage you and simply put, "make you feel like you can win again". It's a home run experience for your heart."
- Gordon Banks
Sr. Pastor Overcomer Covenant Church, Seattle, WA

Former NFL Player – Dallas Cowboys

“This book is a gem – powerful, impacting and inspirational. Ricky Texada shares his compelling story that is certain to bring healing to all who joins the journey. My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point, will strengthen your faith in a loving, faithful and powerful God. You will be forever changed!”
- Frank King, J.D.
Pastor - Refreshing Waters Church, Kansas City, Mo

"MY BREAKING POINT, GOD’S TURNING POINT is all about Hope and the fulfillment of Jeremiah 29:11 “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for” (MSG). The image we have of ourselves and our future is not always what God has planned. Pastor Ricky and Cyd are very real and transparent in telling their story of tragedy to triumph. They show us the importance of trusting in God when it does not seem practical or realistic. It is a book about finding the strength to get up one more time than you fall and knowing you will make it."
- Pastor Darryl Carnley
Founding Pastor of North Pole Worship Center in North Pole, Alaska
Current Senior Pastor of Celebrate Life Church of Nampa, Idaho

"God?s plan for our lives is to win every day, knowing that whatever we face, God in us is bigger. Ricky is one of the most amazing people I've ever met and this book will show you how to understand God?s promise so that you can live His purpose for your life. I believe this book will be a "go to" gift for everyone you know that has taken a big hit in life and needs encouragement."
- Pastor Bill Scheer
Guts Church | Tulsa, Oklahoma

"How does a man get to the place of wholeness and spiritual maturity that Ricky Texada has found?  This book will explain that in a bold and heartwarming way.  It is the story of love and loss, tragedy and recovery, pain and peace.  It is the story of God’s grace and providence.  Ricky and Cyd are living witnesses of God’s power to heal and restore.  Travel with them down their personal path of pain, and arrive at your own place of personal healing, restoration, and wholeness."
- Bishop Randy Clark
Triumph Church

"Readers who are yearning to reestablish trust, understanding and compassion after devastating loss will embrace My Breaking Point, God's Turning Point. As the author takes us to the heart of God's restorative and redemptive love for us, we are given insight into God's ability to turn even the darkest days into light, as he painstakingly reveals his journey from tremendous loss to a life beyond measure. Ricky Texada shows us that God is Faithful to speak to us about our responsibility in our relationship to Him and His abiding promise of provision in His relationship to us and the relationships He puts in place FOR us. I highly recommend this life-changing, feel-good, brilliant book to those in need of a mental, physical and spiritual COME BACK!"
- Cyndi Miller
CEO, The Miller Companies

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